Zirconium ZR 702 Sheet / Plate

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Zirconium 702 Sheet & Plate

Bhairav Steel Industries is a known manufacturer and seller of Zirconium Alloy Sheets / Plates, which is a long and narrow tube of invariable diameter. These Zirconium Sheets have a welded joint in its cross-section, and are primarily used for low / medium pressure appliances such as transport of oil / water. These Zirconium Plates consigns to an electron beam welding, and the usage of high-speed movement of the electron beam focussed blow kinetic energy is transformed to heat the work piece so that the work piece leaving the liquefy, the development of the weld. We supply these Zirconium Coils to the following industries on a worldwide scale: Gas Industry, Oil Industry, Offshore Industry, Filtration Industry, Refining Industry, Refrigeration Industry, Petrochemical Industry, and more.

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The word “capillary” is a misnomer in view of the fact that surface tension in Zirconium Slatting Sheets is not quite significant in refrigeration application of capillary tubes. These Zirconium Slatting Plates are used for various applications such as in Boiler, Super Heaters, Condensers, Coolers/Inter-coolers, Heat Exchangers, Chilling Plants, etc. These Zirconium Slatting Coils are also used in different industries such as Oil Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Sugar Industry, Steel Plants, etc. Our Zirconium Perforated Sheets is one of the most frequently used for throttling devices in the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The main advantage of Zirconium Perforated Plates is that it can be joined in a direct manner to an additional fitting devoid of having to use an added short linking piece called a pipe nipple.

Zirconium 702 Sheets & Plates Specification

Specifications ASTM B551 / ASME SB551
Dimension Standard JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, etc
Width 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Length 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc
Thickness 0.01~200mm
Plate & Sheet Hardness Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard
Form Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.
Value added services for Zirconium Sheet & Plate Waterjet cutting, Plasma cutting, Laser cutting, Bending and mechanical processing, edge preparation, welding, sawing and shearing
Value added services for Zirconium Coil Cut-to-length, Slitting, Polishing, Blanking

Zirconium 702 Plates & Sheets Equivalent Grades

Zirconium 702 - R60702

Zirconium 702 Sheets and Plates Types

Zirconium 702 Sheet
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Sheets
Zirconium 702 Plate
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Plates
Zirconium 702 Coil
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Coils
Zirconium 702 Circle
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Circle
Zirconium 702 Slit Coil
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Slit Coil
Zirconium 702 Shim Sheet
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Shim Sheets
Zirconium 702 Strip
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Strip
Zirconium 702 Foils
ASTM B551 Zirconium 702 Foils

ASTM B551 ZR 702 Sheet Plate Chemical Composition

Grade Zr+Hf, min Hf, max Fe+Cr, max H, max N, max C, max O, max
Zirconium 702 99.2 4.5 0.2 0.005 0.025 0.05 0.16

ASME SB551 Zirconium 702 Sheet / Plate Mechanical Properties

Element Tensile Strength(ksi) Yield Strength(ksi) Elongation
ZR Alloy 702 55 30 16%

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  • Zirconium ZR 702 Rolls
Zirconium 702 Sheet Plate Application

ZR Alloy UNS R60702 Sheet and Plate are used for a wide variety of applications and products.

Transporting materials

such as hot water, chemicals, high pressure hydraulic applications, oil and gas in various industries.

Automotive industry

air and water flow systems, and piping systems.

Construction Industries

ship building, home fittings, heavy engineering, structural applications and scaffolding.

Zirconium 702 Sheet Application
Zirconium 702 Plate Application Industries

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